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Build customer trust and confidence by providing chat transcripts 

Discover ChatTranscriptsCX: Your Key to digital customer experience.

ChatTranscriptsCX is the only solution that allows you to offer transcripts to all digital channel customers using web messaging, Instagram DM, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and SMS.


Digital Channel Experience

Improve Digital Channel Experience with Chat Transcripts

Digital Channels: Provide customer transcripts across all major digital channels including web messaging, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and SMS.

Format Options: Customers can receive transcripts in web, PDF, or email formats.

Auto Email: Automatically email customer transcripts at the conclusion of conversations.


Interaction History

Improve Digital Channel Experience with Chat Transcripts

Integrate: Integrates with 3rd party systems such as Salesforce, Microsoft OneDrive, and other API's

Extended History: Automatically inserts shared files into customer records to build a rich interaction history.

Customization: Bulk export of transcripts, cagent scripts, and many more custom options.


Ready to Experience ChatTranscriptsCX in Action?

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