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Improve efficiency by automatically blocking incoming robo and spam calls


Discover CallBlockerCX: The only solution that blocks robo and spam calls.

CallBlockerCX is the only solution that detects incoming robo and spam calls before they disrupt your agents.


Comprehensive Call Blocking

Tools to Block Any Unwanted Calls

Robo & Spam Calls: Automatically detects and blocks robo and spam calls before they reach your agents.

Custom Block List: Includes a custom block list that can be auto-populated to block non-robo annoyance callers.

Voice Captcha: Voice captcha option to assure valid callers are not being blocked.


Simple Integration

Seamless Integration with No Training

Integrate: Integrates seamlessly into your call flows.

Nothing for Agents to Learn: All blocking occurs behind-the-scenes with no extra work for agents.

Reporting: Reports that show all incoming calls, which were blocked, and why.


Ready to Experience CallBlockerCX in Action?

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