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Protect your network from malicious attack and your agents from NSFW content

Discover SecureUploadCX: Your Key to Secure Digital Messaging and Privacy Law Compliance.

SecureUploadCX is the only solution that scans files shared by your customers for NSFW content, viruses, malware, and other malicious content.  SecureUploadCX works with all major digital messaging channels including web messaging, Instagram DM, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and SMS.



Secure Your Network and Agents from Digital Threats

Security Scanning: Automatically scans uploaded files for viruses, malware, and other malicious payloads.

Agent Protection: Scans images for NSFW content and blocks them before they reach your agents.

Complete Solution: Works seamlessly across major digital messaging channels for comprehensive protection.


Interaction History

Enhance CRM Customer Records with Auto-saving of Files

Integrate: Integrates with 3rd party systems such as Salesforce, Microsoft OneDrive, and other API's

Auto File Insertion: Automatically inserts shared files into customer records to build a rich interaction history.

Automated Solution: File transfers happen automatically so your agents are free to support your customers.

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Privacy Law Compliance

Customizable Compliance Solutions for Privacy Regulations (GDPR).

Privacy Law Compliance: Configuration options to support GDPR and other privacy laws.

Localized Storage: Customer files are stored locally to assure personal data never leaves their region. 

Localized Scanning: All security and NSFW scanning occurs within your region to assure compliance.


Ready to Experience SecureUploadCX in Action?

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